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Greetings from Finland!

Just another passionate gamer/fangirl/shipper down the block, who's addicted to music and loves to draw some shit~ I love to especially focus on Pokémon, but you will also find games, food, some anime/manga series, and random things that make me laugh. Beware<3

-The Legend of Zelda
-Kingdom Hearts
-Metal Gear Solid
-Persona 3
-Tales of –series

I won't post/replog any art without original sources, or edited fan arts. Also, beware of the possible attacks of NSFW<3
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Oh gosh! I have been absent from art for a while! anyways! this is a thank you to my 300+ followers! I seriously appreciate it! and I don’t know why you guys follow me, but thank you all so much!! I promise to upload more things in the future! thank you so much for sticking and putting up with me <3 It’s also on my DA if you want a close zoom up.
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the regions

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Bioshock Infinite and Racism - Part I

I wanna play this so bad

I don’t think I ever want to play this game. Especially with the first pic of what looks like a witch hunt and 2 black people about to be burned at the stake…

This left a bad taste in my mouth…I don’t want to play this shit.

should somebody tell these kids that racism like this actually existed here in the US or should we just wait until they get to high school and take history

Yea, this is one of my favorite things about this game, especially since I’m half black. It not only accurately portrayed the racism of early 1900’s, but it made me so angry and made me feel emotion, which is the point of any piece of art

But in all seriousness, most games and media that take place in this time period gloss over everything that could be controversial due to the fear that it will cause bad ratings and such. However, it’s important for people to realize that these things did actually happen. The racism portrayed in infinite is not supposed to be enjoyable, it’s more of a big “fuck you” to people who are trying to cover up and “forget” about the racism and mistreatment of people in the past. It makes the game that much more realistic and that much more powerful. 



I love when cats decide they love something.

That is a very patient bunny.

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New Persona 3 the Movie key visual

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This entire scene…the first time I saw it as a little kid I thought Ash really died and didn’t finish the movie until like the next day because my poor little heart was shattered over the thought of him dying.

I watched that damn thing in cinema, probably got heart scarred for life. And yeah, that scene is what taught this generation cry hands down, and I’m still not over that music ;w;

Don’t know if this is confirmed or not, but I heard that when the original Japanese developers of the film heard the music the dub team put for the Ash coming back to life scene in movie 1, they teared up.

Who wouldn’t have?

That song is like, pure classic stuff right next to Lugia’s song from the dub.

But yeah, dunno if that is true or not but I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s always that damn song added to that Pikachu’s face that breaks hearts to pieces ;w;

It’s 2014 and I still haven’t lost my dream of seeing the 1st Japanese Pokémon movie with score from the English dub.


I’d bet 98% of teams after the e4 look like this

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